Kitchen Rental Steps

There are several steps prospective renters need to take to obtain necessary documents to work at Kindred Kitchen. This process can take several weeks. We have assembled some great resources to help guide your way through this process.

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1 – Kindred Kitchen Rental Application

This is the first step in the rental process. You can choose to submit this before or after you complete steps 2 through 4. You can apply online or download and mail the application. After we receive your application and all required documents listed above, we will review your application and paperwork. This usually takes up to 7 days.

2 – Food Safety Manager Certification & MN Department of Health Food Manager Certificate

You are required to be a certified Food Safety Manager. To get certified, you need to attend a class and pass an exam. There are in-person and online options. Kindred Kitchen does not offer this service, but there are several organizations that do. A popular option is ServSafe, who offer weekly classes and exams.  After passing the exam, and once you have a food safety certification, you can apply for the Minnesota Food Manager Certificate through the Minnesota Department of Health. You will need to submit a copy of your food safety certification, pay a $35 fee, and fill out the license application. These two steps are  required before you can get your business license.
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3 – Commercial Insurance Policy

Minimum $1 million general commercial liability is required. Appetite For Change D/B/A Kindred Kitchen must be listed on separate certificate as “additional named insured”. Please do not list Kindred Kitchen as mailing address on your policy otherwise you will not receive mail correspondence.

4 – Submit All Documents

We prefer that you submit/upload all of your documents, including a current business license with Kindred Kitchen as your business location with your application. If you don’t have all of your documents at the time of application, you can still apply and send documents separately either via email or via mail to our office.
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5 – Current Business License

Caterers, food trucks and most direct to consumer businesses are licensed by the City of Minneapolis. Wholesale food manufacturers, or those producing food for sale at retail locations are licensed by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. In order to obtain a license, Kindred Kitchen must be listed as your business address -note: not your mailing address. An inspector will work with you and he or she can issue a temporary license which is sufficient to begin working here. Your inspector may require that you be approved by Kindred Kitchen before issuing a temporary license. We may give you a pre-approval letter, but will require a security deposit and signed lease agreement. Once a temporary license is issued, you will be formally inspected and a permanent license granted. Submit your permanent license to us when you receive it. If you already have a current business license, you must add Kindred Kitchen as a location for your business and may be reinspected at our facility.

6 – Policy Manual, Rental Agreement, Security Deposit, Facility Orientation and Equipment Training

If approved, we will send you our policy and procedures manual for your review. You will then review and sign a rental agreement and provide a security deposit. The last step is to schedule an individual orientation and equipment training meeting. This is an in-depth session to familiarize you with all facilities, equipment and processes and can be combined with your lease agreement review. This usually takes 1-1.5 hours. That’s it! Now you can reserve kitchen time through our online scheduling system and start cooking!
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